National Poultry Equipment Company, located in Osage Iowa in North Central Iowa, is a privately held manufacturer of egg processing equipment for small to medium sized egg producers. Our egg processing equipment is distributed globally and serves all facets of facets of egg production including chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and game birds.
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first poultry producer in the world to gain the endorsement of the American Humane Association under their American Humane Certified program. With that extra care, our chickens are raised on a vegetarian diet without the use of antibiotics.
Egg Cartons and Egg Trays To The Lower 48 States
Poultry feed: Modesto Milling provides different types of poultry feeds to meet different lifecycle requirements. Learn more here.  Soy-free poultry feed is also available.
Poultry: Links to Boards, Co-op's, Associations and Councils across the United States for chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea fowl and other poultry.
National Turkey Federation: The National advocate for all segments of the turkey industry, providing services and conducting activities which increase demand for its members' products by protecting and enhancing their ability to profitably.
The Pacific Egg and Poultry Association: is a regional nonprofit agricultural trade association which has served the egg and poultry industry for over 70 years. Through a united voice and cooperative actions, PEPA enhances the viability of the poultry and egg industries in the eleven Western States and Canada
American Poultry Association: Mission Statement - To promote and protect the standard-bred poultry industry in all its phases. To continue the publication of the American Standard of Perfection with the breed and variety descriptions for all the recognized purebred fowl.
California Poultry Federation: the trade association for California's diverse and dynamic California poultry industry.
The National Chicken Council: is the trade association, based in Washington, DC, for the companies that raise broiler chickens and make and market chicken products. Member companies of NCC provide about 95 percent of the chicken products on America's table.
Virginia Poultry Federation: is a nonprofit, statewide trade association founded in 1925. VPF represents all sectors of the poultry industry, from farmers, to processors, to businesses that provide goods and services to the poultry industry.
USA POULTRY & EGG EXPORT COUNCIL:Known by the acronym USAPEEC, the Council is a trade association of the U.S. poultry and egg industry that is dedicated to increasing exports of U.S. poultry and eggs worldwide.

Poultry refers to domestic fowl and includes chicken, turkey, duck, goose, and guinea fowl (and sometimes quail, although this is often still classified as game).

Buyer's guide: You'll pay more for a free-range or organic bird at a specialist butcher, farmers' market, online supplier or supermarket, but you'll almost certainly discover what the meat 'used to taste like' in the days before the birds were intensively reared.

Buying a whole bird is often cheaper than buying individual cuts - for example, for the same price as two chicken breasts you can usually buy a whole chicken, which will yield two breasts, two drumsticks, two thighs, two wings and a chicken carcass with which to make your own stock.

When buying fresh chicken from a supermarket, make sure the meat is well-wrapped with no seepage. Make certain the limbs, flesh and skin are undamaged and the meat looks firm and plump and smells fresh. Birds hung in the butcher's for at least three days have a much better flavor; most frozen birds aren't hung. When choosing frozen birds check the wrapping is intact, that there are no ice crystals or discoloration and that the skin isn't damaged.

Most poultry is available year-round, though goose and turkey are still seen as Christmas birds.

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Basic Listings - all about Poultry
Murray's Chickens are locally raised in Pennsylvania's lush countryside by a select number of family farms. Their leisurely lifestyle includes plenty of fresh air and an all-vegetable diet free of antibiotics and hormones.
Cantrell leads the way in creating and supplying innovative solutions in the poultry and food processing industries to customers worldwide.
American Egg Board

The American Egg Board is the U.S. egg producers' link to consumers - communicating eggs' nutritional and economic values. As the egg industry's promotional arm, AEB strives to implement a results-oriented marketing program that achieves success through national marketing initiatives

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Foster Farms

Foster Farms fresh, locally grown chicken and turkey have no added hormones, steroids or artificial enhancers. Get recipes, cooking tips and more.
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Alpha Poultry and Livestock Equipment Inc.
For over 40 years, the team at Alpha Poultry and Livestock Equipment Inc., has been committed to serving the Poultry and Livestock industries in the Western States. Today's poultry producers expect quality and reliability. Our mission is to provide equipment from the very best manufacturers in combination with expert technical support and dedicated customer service.
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Poultry Packaging

When it comes to poultry options, consumers want convenience, value and quality. Cryovac® poultry packaging helps our customers deliver convenient value-added and differentiated products. Our exceptional packaging materials provide strong, durable and dry poultry packages and are available with easy-to-open and individually portioned options.

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Fresh Chicken, Custom Cut Chicken, Frozen Chicken and Pre-Cooked Chicken.
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