Potato Facts

Potato Facts


Indians in Peru were the first people to cultivate the potato.

Potatoes have been eaten since 400 BC in Peru and Bolivia.

Colours may vary between white, red, yellow, brown, purple and black.

Potatoes grow virtually anywhere from sea level to 14,000 ft on mountains

The potato, a name derived from the American Indian word "Batata", was introduced to Europeans by Spanish conquerors during the late 16th Century.

Yams are less sweet than sweet potatoes and originated in Asia, Sweet potatoes have ten calories per ounce less than yams.

Potatoes contain no saturated or trans fat or cholesterol and virtually no sodium.

To make potato salad more quickly, cook the potatoes already diced and peeled. To boil potatoes in less time, remove a small strip of skin from one side. After they are done the balance of the skin will come off much easier..

To keep peeled potatoes white, put them in a bowl of cold water, add a few drops of vinegar, and refrigerate.

Americans eat approximately 54 pounds per year, per person.

Green potato skins and sprouts contain a toxin called solamine and may be dangerous to your health.

If you leave the skins on potatoes when cooking they will retain more of their nutrient value. Then remove the skin before serving.