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Potato Varieties for Boiling Roasting Mashing Chipping etc


There are about five thousand potato varieties world wide.

3000 of them are found in the Andes alone, mainly in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile and Colombia. They belong to eight or nine species, depending on the taxonomic school. Apart from the 5000 cultivated varieties, there are about 200 wild species and subspecies, many of which can be cross-bred with cultivated varieties, which has been done repeatedly to transfer resistances to certain pests and diseases from the gene pool of wild species to the gene pool of cultivated potato species. Genetically modified varieties have met public resistance in the United States and in the European Union.

United Kingdom Top Varieties
UK Varieties such as Rocket or Maris Bard are described as ‘earlies’ or ‘new potatoes’ as they are planted in the winter, ready for harvesting in the spring or early summer. Their skins are not firm and ‘set’ and are sometimes referred to as ‘fluffy’. more
United States Top Varieties
The leading variety, Russet Burbank, still provides about 40% of the U.S. production. Varieties differ in a number of characteristics including: yield; skin and flesh color; tuber shape and eye depth; time of maturity; disease and pest resistance; carbohydrate composition; usage potential; dormancy and storability; and any number of additional particulars. more
Potato Varieties for Boiling Roasting Mashing Chipping etc
Because of the water content and flesh structure, different potatoes cook differently. Some fry well, making great chips (or crisps – Golden Wonder is a potato variety) some boil well and some mash well. Waxy potatoes are better for salads than floury potatoes. more