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Why choose a school lunch?

Buying lunch at school may be the first time kids get to call the shots on which foods they'll eat. Luckily, school lunches have improved over the years, both in taste and nutrition, with many serving healthier dishes, such as grilled chicken, baked potatoes, sandwiches and salads.

There are many reasons why you should choose a school lunch for your child:

* School Meals offer a selection of freshly cooked main meals, including a vegetarian option

* Children can sit down together to enjoy their meal, whilst at the same time developing their social skills

* Studies have shown that children concentrate better when they have eaten a nutritious meals

* For your convenience, this saves parents' time preparing a packed lunch

* Whether your child enjoys all food, is vegetarian, or requires as special diet we can cater for all your needs. For more information about what we can provide for you, please contact your School

* A large number of schools provide Halal meals, as agreed with the school governing body

* All our catering providers have food contracts with their suppliers to ensure that all food brought into the kitchen is safe and of optimum quality

* A school lunch is very good value.


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Lunchtime Opportunities

Use school lunches as an opportunity to guide your kids toward good choices. Especially with younger kids, explain how a nutritious lunch will give them energy to finish the rest of the schoolday and enjoy after-school activities.

Here are some other tips:

* Look over the cafeteria menu together. Ask what a typical lunch includes and which meals your kids particularly like. Recommend items that are healthier, but be willing to allow them to buy favourite lunch items occasionally, even if that includes burgers.

* Ask about foods like chips, fizzy drinks, and ice cream. Find out if and when these foods are available at school.

* Encourage kids to take a packed lunch, at least occasionally. This can put you back in the driver's seat and help ensure that kids get a nutritious midday meal.

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